Kinnaird 6 string Guitar

Custom built for The Bard Rocks in 2005-06 by Georgia master luthier John Kinnaird, who ws featured in the September ‘05 issue of Acoustic Guitar. It is called a “000” size, a bit smaller bodied than most guitars, but of equal volume due to a 12 fret neck which allows a greater body cavity and better placement of the bridge. Its top is Adirondack Spruce, called the “holy grail” of sound woods, rare now, but it was commonly used on the finest of the old instruments. It receives credit for the superior sound that many old guitars exhibit. Its body is Honduran Ziracote, a rare but not endangered tonewood which rivals the famed Brazilian Rosewood, which, incidentally, can no longer be legally imported. Neck and purfling are native curly ash and additional abalone is used for trim. It has a traditional slotted head and pyramid bridge with Irish intertwined dogs of abalone on the peghead as well as Gaelic designs for fret markers. The ash/ziracote combination results in a guitar with long sustain and rich color. This instrument is favored for the quieter, more contemplative pieces