The songster, Roland Vinyard, known as The Bard Rocks (or is it The Barred Rocks?), has finally decided to take his act public after 40 years of playing in closets, under rugs, and when he thought no one was around. Infamous for protest songs (when he sang, everyone protested), The Bard Rocks now specializes in the songs of the acclaimed songwriter Trad. Anon. If you donít know who wrote it, he just might know it - and vice versa. His vast repertoire is sort of a General Eclectica, ranging from the damsels and knights of the Child ballads (from his deservedly rare CD, Great Hits of the 1600ís), to down and dirty blues & ragtime, sea songs, the real old gospel stuff, songs from the Great Folk Scare of the Ď60ís, a few you always loved but havení t heard in years, Irish, old timey Appalachian fare and bluegrass, an occasional one by old country singers like Jimmie Rogers or Hank Williams, childrenís songs, cowboy songs, lots of humorous ditties, and maybe even calypso. There will be plenty of plaintive and quiet ones for the campfire, and even a few select modern works, just to confuse the issue. Warning: he may slip in one that he wrote, but it will have an old feel to it and you will probably assume (he hopes) that it is traditional. Many of what you will hear have choruses and The Bard Rocks is never so happy as when he gets audience participation. Of course, a chicken song or joke is mandatory sometime during each performance. (If you donít understand why, then you need to know more about chickens.)       Continue to Full Bio...

How do you get to hear The Bard Rocks?

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The obvious way is to arrange a booking. You will always find his rates quite reasonable. They are not quoted here as they must be somewhat dependent upon a variety of factors, including distance to travel, special equipment needed, time commitment, and so on, you get the idea. You will find him very responsive to your special needs and always willing to help a local good cause. If you want a performance that emphasizes gospel music, he can do it. If you want laughter, or sing alongs, no problem. Old timey, Irish, country, lyrical, historical? Youíve come to the right place. His 600 song repertoire gives a lot of latitude to create the music you want to hear. Special needs programs are welcomed. If you want a duo or trio to perform with him, that can also be arranged, though the price may have to be adjusted accordingly.

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